Gerrit Coetzee

Technical Project Manager at Petcube

(мова доповіді: англійська)

Gerrit is a Project Manager and Design Engineer dedicated to bringing clarity and decisive action to Bay-Area companies. He has managed international teams of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and laborers. His goals are clear communication, short meetings, and doing the correct work at the correct time. Current now Gerrit is working as Technical Project Manager at Petcube. He works with an international team to accomplish robust mechanical designs for the lean, on-time manufacturing of Petcube’s award-winning product line. From the first napkin sketch to last product shipped, I work hands-on with the team to deliver reliable and delightful products.

Presentation Topic: Thou Shalt Write Things Down. And Other Rules for Managing Projects.

Presentation Description: I talk about what engineering and its goal as a profession is, then I discuss how to approach managing it effectively.

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