IT Project manager

Project Manager – a professional in IT Outsource and Telecommunications, business analyst in his younger days. Athlete-amateur: 10 marathons, triathlon “Ironman”, Oceanman 14 km race, and 100 km of ultramarathon.

Believer of Project management lifestyle: all rules/practices of different areas of our life can be broadcasted into others with very high efficiency. (for example – from sports – into project management and vice versa)

Topic of the report: “PM Cinemalogy: IT / Life project dynamics”

Abstracts of the report:

Get comfortable, take popcorn, we are going to watch the movie. Or rather, 3 series of season 1 (and so far only). Following the classic Black Mirror in different styles, and even the sound track will speak not about what’s happening on the screen. And one more, the topic – we will watch 3 dynamically different real projects and draw a parallel with IT Development projects.