Allstars-IT Ukraine – Owner & President

Solomon has more then 20 Years of leadership experience in Software Product Development and Product Market Launch.

For the last 14 years Leading and managing the International IT Services Group- “AllStars-IT”​ and its Ukrainian subsidiary :

AllStars IT Ukraine is a leading international IT offshore staffing services company Located in Kiev at Guliver Business Center, providing services to HighTech, Banking and Telecom sectors mainly in US,UK, Germany and Israel.

Specialties : In-depth understanding of emerging technologies in the Software Development & Software Testing Verticals : C# .Net, Java , Mobile (iOS,Android), Security Experts and more,all in a Service Oriented Architectures.

Solomon is working with hundreds of Customers and delivering successfully technological multi-disciplinary projects in Various verticals, Managing High Scale management of the ALM including Financial and HR of hundreds of Engineers.

He has wide experience in European,Israeli and American markets. Effectively translates business into profits with ability to maintain sustained growth.

Subject of the report: “HR Management as a success factor of ICT Sales to International Giant Clients”

Abstracts of the report:

Establishing a strategic marketing and sales plan is crucial for any business. While working in the IT market, a strategic marketing and sales plan is even more crucial, the competition is huge and in order to stand out and bring fast results. In my speech I will break some well known stigmas regarding Giant Potential clients, and will give some case studies regarding using the right approach towards HR in order to increase value of your company services infront of well known international leaders

Game is based on IPMA ICB4(R) Project Management competence standard, but no previous knowledge is required. Board game is highly interactive, dynamic and works as team-building. Come for a new tool for your collection of the games!

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