ACM, Managing Partner

Tolga Kombak is Managing Partner, Agile coach and trainer in ACM.

He has been the first Scrum Master of his previous organization Akbank after he attended the course by James O. Coplien and has become Certified Scrum Master. In 5 years he has been the Scrum Master/ Agile Coach of numerous teams. Finally in Akbank he has initiated, trained and consulted in Payment Systems IT Department Agile Transition. He joined ACM in 2014 as Agile coach and trainer and trained, coached and consulted Agile teams in various companies in Turkey, Greece and Qatar.

He is one of Professional Scrum Trainers of and delivers Professional Series Scrum trainings. He also developed the Scrum Master Empowerment Programme which has been run in several companies graduates becoming more empowered and enthusiastic Scrum Masters. Member and a speaker at Agile Turkey. Since 2010 he has taken various roles in AgileMeetings, AgileTalks and Agile Turkey Summit 2013, 2014 which are the organizations being held by Agile Turkey.

Тема доповіді: From 0 To 100: Coaching 100+ Teams in a Big Bank’s Agile Transformation

Тези доповіді: 

Agile Transformation is a long journey and happens in a long time span. Throughout this time span you need to train, start Sprinting and coach new Scrum teams on their very first Sprints. In this speech we are going to present a case study of one of the Turkey’s biggest banks, where all IT transformed from a waterfall world to a final 113 Scrum teams of Agile IT organization in a total of only 8 months.

We had vast experience in the field from training to coaching, from yearly master planning to monthly focus called “The Spotlight”, from cultivating new internal Agile coaches to empowering Scrum Masters and Product Owners, from fostering Scrum Masters and Product Owners community to having internal Agile events.

In this speech you’ll learn the milestones we had and along with that how number of teams affected and urged us to create some coaching tools we’ve created and implemented.

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