Імя: Hanno Verloove

Компанія: Wemanity, Transformation Guide and Leadership Coach

Більше про доповідача: "The positive impact of a new way of working on company success and on the fun and motivation of the people working there surprises me again and again. At first there is disbelief, sometimes denial, and then slowly but surely the shift starts to happen, eyes start to twinkle and teams start to grow. Seeing that happening during training, in the transition process or in personal coaching is what drives me, getting people, teams and companies to their full potential. Vulnerability will change from a threat to a strength, personal distance between teams and people changes into personal contact and people taking responsibility beyond their functional role just because of their intrinsic motivation. Leaders emerge! That is what I do and I truely love it. Being an international coach I guide end-2-end transitions into a new way of working, that can be Agile or anything that works for the company. I do that by coaching, inspiring, teasing and training management, projects, teams and individuals. One of my favourite subjects is the Value Creation process or Agile Portfolio management. I help the client organization to do the right thing at all levels. The flow from Exco, Businessline, Tribe (in the Spotify model), to product and delivery level combined with the purpose and okr's at all levels. I love doing Leadership tracks with Leaders (to be) and make them aware of their impact on themselves, their teams and their organisations. I use ""The mind of the leader"" MSC leadership model developed by Rasmus Hougaard. Being a public speaker on various subjects I like to inspire my audience and give them some thing to think about. "

Тема доповіді: The Mind of the Leader.

Більше про доповідь: A 40 min talk about what is the next generation of leaders and what competences does it requires to make the difference being leader. It is about MSC leadership, Mindfullness, Selflesness and Compassion are the comptences that will make that difference.

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