PhD, business & political coach

I specialize in organizational development improvement and leadership potential fulfillment. NLP coach, coach, political and business adviser. Founder of International NLP-University. Leading trainer of Zelenin Lab, member of the European Association of Psychotherapists (EAP),member of the Association of Political Psychologists of Ukraine (APPU). Presidential advisor, coach of coaches, coach of politicians, with experience in coaching, training and advisory work in the USA, Canada, Israel, as well as Asia, Western Europe and the post-Soviet countries since 1996. ”

Subject of the report: “Coaching of creative teams”

Abstracts of the report:

This report is mainly about how to combine creativity and efficiency in the project.

During the report we will:

Talk about creativity as an instrument to generate alternative ideas in project management

Look through cases where we shouldn’t use creativity

Learn how team coaching can free up creative potential – to take the team out from collapse and direct into streaming perception of reality

Analyse real cases to understand how creativity overcomes the crisis

This report will heighten your awareness of team leadership capabilities and strengthen your capacity to optimize efficiency.

Also, I hope you will get new ideas and inspiration for creative experiments with your team