Director, Software Engineering @EPAM Ukraine

Ukrainian, farther of two, live in Kyiv. Working as a delivery manager and enjoying delivery together with my teams for the last decade. I had a pleasure of working with different technologies, clients and businesses and learned a lot from my experience delivering world class products to the hands of the clients.

Тема доповіді: Innovations in management and the new horizons

Тези доповіді:

1. Every new day brings new horizons and new inventions in the way we live and work
a. Why it is important to invent. Evolution and dynamics – can you change?
b. Examples of self-organizing teams that invent: POS team that invented the way of delivering business scope. Re-invented leadership on dying team. Re booted client relation towards achieving the goal.
c. Why the brick is the same on the new road – Accountability, Ownership and Entrepreneurship – can be cultivated? What keeps you up at night?
d. Who is here to innovate. Can the manager drive the management innovation and what is classical vs disruptive and new?
e. What if innovation is not there – do we absolutely need to innovate in management?

2. What is in for us tomorrow
a. What is happening with fast then efficient approach over time
b. How business value transforms into repetitive ultimate extension platform
c. Three horizons in management (Current, New and coming, Will come, but not soon)
d. Time discounting on the value – why current is everything, while new and coming late is a nominated current. What if we do not discount the value over time?
e. Trending and why it matters. How the management trend set new bar on development productivity?

3. The Fail as the driver
a. Why fail moves things forward
b. Fail fast vs fail big – do we actually need to fail?

4. Horizon of a change
a. How the world will transform tomorrow? From being on top of the team to being with the team and to being for the team.
b. How the leadership changes? FIO, can you do it?
c. Why hybrid skills are important? Getting the hands dirty helps.
d. Who is the lead or leadership by example? Next generation of leadership. Servant leadership and helping teams evolutionize into bigger success.
e. TRUST. How can it be build up in a matter of days.

5. Innovation
a. Innovation to get the work done. No competition to look at if your mission is being #1
b. Innovation to generate new record. Philosophy of a win. SCALE of POS.
c. Innovation to adapt to the change. Amplification of the feedback loop. Feedback is not enough.